Compactor / Dozer Hook-up and Start-up

  • Check all fluids. Line Compactor / Dozer blade up with ATM bracket and proceed forward until the blade of Compactor / Dozer is in front of the backside of ATM lifting bracket. Do not lift.
  • On older models the control box for the ATM can be wired directly to the tarp machine.
  • The control box is wireless on the newer models.
  • Put control box into the cab of the Compactor / Dozer.Turn ignition switch to the left, hold for 6 seconds and then start.
  • The engine has a 6 second quick glow plug.  Do not hold longer (see Engine Manual for details).


Cab Controls

  • The hydraulic drive system is electrically activated by toggle switches on the control box.
  • Tube rotation, forward and reverse, is on the same toggle switch as marked.
  • Raising and lowering of the spool carrying arms is on the same toggle switch as marked.


Spool Hook-up

  • The drive motor shaft is engaged and disengaged from the tarp spool via a toggle switch located by the drive motor.
  • To hook up to the tarp spool, line up ATM with spool and proceed forward with carrier arms down.
  • Raise the carrier arms when the spool is centered.
  • Pull down and lock into place the top hold downs on both ends.
  • Next, hold drive shaft in line with spool while activating toggle switch to put shaft into tarp spool.
  • Lift up the Compactor / Dozer blade to lift up ATM.
  • To unhook from tarp spool, reverse the above procedure.


Covering/ Uncovering Procedure


  • Drive ATM to the top of the working face.
  • Deploy tarp by activating hydraulic drive motor and simultaneously backing up Compactor / Dozer until working face is covered.


  • Hook up to ATM and drive forward while simultaneously activating hydraulic drive motor to roll tarp up.
  • If tarp is not rolling up straight, tilt the dozer blade to straighten out tarp tracking.
  • Avoid getting a lot of slack in the tarp so that the tarp is wrapped on the tube uniformly.
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