Perimeter Waste / Rubbish Netting

Perimeter Waste/Rubbish Netting

Silt fencing is used to prevent sediment from leaving a construction site.

Effective procedures put in place minimises sediment leaving a building site – preventing sand, soil, cement and other building materials from reaching our waterways.

  • Silt fencing should surround the site, and any soil stockpile on the site, to control sediment
  • Silt Fence around a stockpile
  • Failure to implement strategies to control sediment can result in fines for non-compliance.

The Sediment Control Centre has a range of silt fences that meet the needs of builders and civil contractors. The entire range is constructed of woven polypropylene, with a selvedged edge to prevent fraying and enhance durability.

Silt Fencing around perimeter of site

Name Flow Rate Features Target Market Comment
Standard SC01 30L/sec Reasonable flow rate & strong construction Builders Flow rates are greater than cheaper imports – reducing the chance of damming and subsequent sediment loss.
Superior SC02 40L/sec Tension tape & depth indicator Builders & Civil Contractors Easier to set up and less likely to collapse than the Standard Silt Fence-higher flow rate
Premium SC03 110L/sec Builders & Civil Contractors Target Market More ‘freestanding’ than the above, making it easier to erect and more likely to be reused. Higher flow properties can manage steep slopes and areas of potentially high flow.